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Prototyping & Design
Prototyping & Design
We do not make a big design upfront, but the initial prototyping helps to understand the customer's basic objectives.
Software development
At the software development stage, we use the Agile approach, which allows our customers to get the finished product iteratively and make changes to the requirements if necessary.
Software development
Quality assurance
Quality Assurance & Testing
Not one module or feature delivered without automated tests and our QA engineers approval.
Data storages
Our expertise
Working for over 4 years, we have obtain an impressive expertise in the development of scalable media communication systems.

AdNext offers a real-time bidding solution to Smart TV app stores, via a fully-developed, turn-key platform. Services do not need to develop their own technological solutions, instead immediately accessing worldwide and global audiences across more than 1 billion devices.

From the creators of Divan.TV, AdNext is a new B2B marketplace for brands & services. By leveraging over 7 years of experience with Divan.TV’s successful OTT platform, the AdNext team is focusing on revolutionizing the Smart & Connected TV market.

Proficonf is a video conferencing platform that doesn’t require any downloads or installations to host or join video meetings, it has built-in file viewer and media player, that allows you to demonstrate, share, and play files of various formats.

Why you should hire us
We are professionals that are fully responsible for software development
We care about your business much more than about own engineering ambitions
We keep the code clean and we don’t allow any business to be killed by code
We create products so that they can be easily changed to fit customers needs
We believe that discipline and focus is the key to success
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